Selena Gomez recently spent some time chatting on the Zach Sang Show and offered in-depth insight into her life, music, 13 Reasons Why, and therapy.

When Sang asks why producers want to work with her, the singer has a lot to share.

"There's been a lot of moments in my life where it's been up and down," Gomez responds, "And I think it's evident. I think people have seen it. I've grown up in front of people. So just to see what I did with Revival, I obviously have to give Interscope a lot of credit because of how much they really believed in me. They cherished what I wanted. I wanted to sound like my own artist. And I just don't think I knew who I was. I was figuring that out. I feel like Revival is the right step. We did the music that I wanted to do. We found where I wanted to go, and then from that point on, I feel like it's evolved. My music's just grown."

And as for Gomez's experience in a rehab facility, taking a much-needed break from the limelight, she says she is a big advocate for therapy and taking care of oneself. Gomez admits it was scary to remove herself from the entertainment industry even for a short time. She's been in the field since she was 7, but she says, "If I'm not happy, it's not worth it."

When Sang expresses a desire but hesitance to go to therapy himself, Gomez explains, "It sounds a lot scarier to people than it actually is. It's like holding a mirror to yourself. And actually acknowledging the things that you don't really want to acknowledge about yourself."

Overall, she says she feels therapy gives her more control over the life pressures she faces.

Gomez also discusses the future of her music with Sang and his crew, saying, "I want my music to feel like it can go anywhere."

She later adds, "When I got out [of rehab], I went back into the studio and started from scratch again, and it was really cool to see where I had been. I can't wait. I basically feel like I have an album already, I'm just figuring out where it's gonna go."

Of course, music is not Gomez's only passion. Her experience as an executive producer for 13 Reasons Why has left her open to repeating the experience.

"I don't think I expected it to do what it did," she says of the Netflix series. "It was very successful, and it caused lot of controversy. There was a lot of talk about it."

Gomez offers a glimpse into the 13 Reasons Why sequel, too.

"For season two, I think there's gonna be a lot of questions that will be answered and a lot of resolutions, a lot of repercussions," she says.

Sang eventually questions whether Gomez would ever do a Wizard of Waverly Place reboot, and she says she wouldn't step back in front of the camera for it, but she would definitely sign on as an executive producer.

With all the reboots in the works these days, a Wizards revival would a fun one to see.

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