Look at this sad dog. 😔 His owner abandoned him, leaving him overnight for employees at a local animal shelter to find him.

Staff members at Wanderer's Rest Humane Association in Canastota found him tied to a sled on their property early Monday morning. What's even more sad about this situation? The owner left a note with the dog that reads "Over 10 yrs old. Can no longer walk."

Credit: Wanderer's Rest via Facebook
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Staff say that their camera system went down during the period of time that the dog was brought to the shelter, so they don't have any leads as to who this poor guy belongs to.

The Facebook post that the shelter made has an overwhelming amount messages of heartache, showing love and support for the dog. There are others, however, that came to the defense of the owner, expressing that there may be more to the story than we know on the surface.

Charlotte said, "Most of you have no idea what cruel is. The dog was in a sled, with a note. While it’s definitely not a choice I would make, you have no idea what the circumstances are. Not everyone knows better. The dog looks calm and bright. Maybe they couldn’t afford euthanasia? Maybe they couldn’t mentally afford euthanasia? The entire country is struggling, and here we are ... ready to have someone’s head because they left a dog at an animal shelter. That’s far kinder than what could of happened. Remember- your world isn’t THE world. Instead of a witch hunt, try reaching out to those who may need help."

Credit: Wanderer's Rest via Facebook

Tracy said, "The lump in my throat is huge right now. This is where we are. People are struggling. They probably felt they had no other choice. I’m sure they are also mentally not all there. I agree that it’s awful but his fate could have been much worse. Thankfully now he is with people that will care for him. People are afraid that they will be denied by shelters if they feel they need to bring their animals in or cannot afford to help them further. Owners are overwhelmed, shelters are overwhelmed, everyone is overwhelmed today. Another thing that makes me have to say there’s too many people and animals in this failing world."

Regardless, the shelter says that whenever an owner is in a situation where they can no longer take care of their animal - abandonment is never the answer and there are resources and people who can help you.

If you have any details regarding this dog, please contact Wanderer's Rest at 315-697-2796.

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