Hey, we're all trying to keep a little extra money in our wallets these days, right?  Before you head out to do some shopping this month, check out this list of things you shouldn't buy this month.  

Thinking of getting a new phone or perhaps a new car?  You might want to hold off until next month.  There are some items that are best not boughtthis month.    Before you start shopping, take a look at this list compiled by TIME  of items you should not buy in September.

2013 cars:  Instead of looking at the new modesls, you'll get a much better deal on 2012s that they want to move off the lots asap.

Cell phones:  Typically the time to buy them is in December, May and June when the best sales are offered.  However, if you must buy one this month, do it at the end of the month.

TVs:  The best time to buy one is on Black Friday not this month when retailers are trying to sell them for the most money.  Other good months to buy tvs are January, February, March, November and December.

Diamonds:  Typically, they are the cheapest to buy in July and August, when jewelers are anxious to sell them.  By September, the summer sales are over and the selection isn't so great until October when they get big shipments they hope to sell between then and January.

Fall Fashions:  Demand is high in the fall and so are the prices.  Demand for fall fashions is at its peak this month and then prices drop by November when it's time for winter clothing.

Happy shopping and saving!