New music from Shania Twain is in the works.  It's been a long time since her last release, "Up," which came out in 2002.   In between her Las Vegas gig, Twain has been working on new music.  What can we look forward to from country music's biggest selling artist of all time?

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images


According to CNN, Shania Twain has written most of the songs for her next album and is now looking for a producer.   What can fans expect from her next album?  Not as many upbeat songs.  Twain says while there will be some upbeat songs, there won't be as many as on her previous albums and she's going for a deeper approach too.

I still want to remain positive with my lyrics and stay in that mode with my music, because I enjoy uplifting myself, if you will, with my songs.

But at the same time, I'm going deeper, and being more realistic with my point of view on things.


Is she still the same Shania Twain?  No.  Twain says she's different now, she's evolved and wants her music to reflect that while also staying true to herself.  The goal it find the balance between the two and convey that through her music.

Shania Twain returns for another run at Caesar's in Las Vegas with dates running from mid-October through mid-December.