A man from Massachusetts is thanking the same shark that bit him for saving his life. Wait, what? Yes you read that correctly.  

Eugene Finney was swimming in the ocean with his daughter Temple when he received an unexpected, jolting nudge from behind. Finney said he felt like he got whiplash. He told CNN:

"I was hit in the back hard. Really hard. I've never been hit that hard in my life”, Father and daughter swam to shore - where it was pointed out that Finney had suffered a foot-long gash on his back.

Even though Finney never saw the object that hit him, several eye-witnesses reported that there was at least one shark seen in the area. Finney's girlfriend told him that she spotted a fin the water too. Two days after Finney's incident, they closed the beach when a young surfer was nudged by a Great White Shark. Finney didn't immediately seek medical treatment because his injury appeared to be minor.

Now for the crazy part of this story; a couple of days after the incident, Finney experienced trouble breathing and sleeping (thought to have been caused by the shark,) so he decided to visit a doctor.. Physicians conducted a slew of X-rays that revealed that he had a large cancerous tumor in one of his kidneys. If the doctors hadn't operated when they did, it would have remained undetected and could have been deadly. Finney is now cancer free and thanking his new best friend.

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