It's one thing to say shop local, it's another thing to do it. We've been shopping exclusively local here at Lite 98.7 for the month of June - shopping and supporting all of our locally owned small businesses in the area. If you're looking to purchase something local for use in the kitchen, this is a great idea.

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Juanita Bass was born in Bridgewater in 1935 and went on to become the town's first black mayor in the history of the state. In 1988, she purchased an historic Victorian-era Italianate home in Bridgewater, refurbished it and opened it as The White House Berries Inn. It's a nationally-known restaurant and Bed & Breakfast, famous for its classic American Soul Food cuisine and authentic Victorian appointments.

Juanita and The White House Berries Inn have been featured in many newspapers, books and magazines. Other than her six children, Juanita considers the White House Berries Inn her finest achievement.

Since then, she's released several products that can spice up your kitchen - including a Home-Style Barbecue Sauce and an All-Spice Seasoning. Now, she's sharing some of her recipes that made her restaurant famous with something that has been her life long dream.

'Januita's Homestyle Cookbook' is a way for her to "preserve and share the recipes of her heritage while presenting them with stories of how they came about and what makes them so special," according to her website.

You can order the book now for $18.00 plus shipping. Her products can also be purchased at numerous different locations.

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