Parades, shows, sporting events: all cancelled or postponed to an unknown date. Local businesses will be hit hard by the lack of revenue. What can you do support you local small businesses?

Utica postponed their St. Patrick's Day Parade. So did Syracuse. Utica College won't be playing their championship hockey game, the Adirondack Bank Center is dark. The lost revenue is certainly in the hundreds of thousands. It's important to stop the spread of coronavirus - but the economic impact could mean the death (or serious suffering) of local small businesses.

Now is the time to support these businesses. 

Eat out. If you're concerned about being out in crowds, many of these restaurants offer delivery or take-out. There's DoorDash and GrubHub.

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Otherwise, get a gift certificate. If you can afford it, get two - and share one with a friend who may spend a few more dollars at a place they've never been. Even if you wait to use it, you'll be providing revenue to a business who really needs it right now.

Do it right now - stop in or call - get a gift certificate to your favorite place. And then  - or when the coronavirus is over - get out there and use it. 


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