Just when you thought you heard all the possible Christmas controversies, another one pops up - involving the big man himself.

Forget about 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' - there's a new Christmas controversy brewing, and this time, it's all about Santa Claus himself. No, it's not PETA wondering if that's real fur on his hat, and it's not the American Heart Association concerned about Santa eating all those cookies.

Some people are suggesting Santa should be gender-neutral.

Personally, I'm not even sure how you pull that off. If Santa isn't a guy - what happens to Mrs. Claus? Does she have to be gender-neutral too? And then what - they're just business partners? And the beard. Do we just get rid of that?

The survey was conducted by a graphic design company and asked how we might "rebrand" Santa for modern time - 27% of people said Santa she be a woman or gender-neutral.

No. Just...no.

Next thing you know, 'Ho Ho Ho' is going to need to change because some people might think Santa is really referring to women in a derogatory way. Besides, what are the labor conditions for all those Elves anyway?

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