Hanging lights on your home for Christmas can be not only a hassle but time-consuming too. It doesn't have to be difficult though.

Every year, it feels like people all over Central New York can't wait to hang their Christmas lights, blow up their inflatables, and decorate their yards. Some people adore the process while others absolutely resent it. A company called Syracuse Christmas Lighting swoops in for the save this and every holiday season making the process way less daunting.

Maybe you're afraid of heights and struggle to hang lights from the roof of your home. There is one reason to pay someone to do it. If you just don't have a good design touch but want to impress neighbors, another solid reason. If you just watched Christmas Vacation and have decided this is the year you do Christmas lights, hiring a company to hang them isn't a horrible idea.

It seems like there should be more companies that offer this type of service. Upon a quick Google search, it doesn't look like there are too many options in Central New York. Checking out Home Advisor looks to be one of the only other options. If you do choose to have Syracuse Christmas Lighting help you, they'll design the display with you and then put it up, maintain the lights and then take them down too.

While they don't show pricing on their website, this type of installation usually costs between $300 and $1200 according to Home Advisor. That price might be worth it just so you don't have to untangle the strands of lights.

Mentioning Christmas lights, if you see any really impressive displays during your travels across Central New York, snap a picture and send it to us in our station app. We'd love to see those displays.

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