Let me say this first. Things happen. Sometimes we misread labels. Being human, we make all sorts of weird mistakes every single day. Some mistakes are bigger than others. Like, say, for example, you make a mistake on the job that includes driving a multi-ton vehicle with High School aged children aboard.


In this episode of totally weird, but totally true news-- meet Miss Amal Hanna, a Long Island bus driver who also happens to be actively undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Why is this important? Because according to Hanna-- the chemo treatments she's actively enduring "leaves her unable to taste if drinks are alcoholic". Why is this important? Because also according to Hanna, she accidentally chose a White Claw "hard seltzer" thinking it was a regular seltzer.


The New York Post

Thankfully for Hanna, Police say she won't be facing charges-- they "believe her story that she grabbed a hard seltzer without realizing it was alcoholic."

Smithtown High School wasn't so forgiving. According to News 12, Hanna "was fired from her job of 15 years — and is now not sure how she will be able to support herself amid chemo."

The silver lining of this story, as promised, is that good Samaritans all over the world continue to donate to a GoFundMe for Amal Hanna to help with her medical expenses as she continues the good fight with cancer. To date, $16,736 has been raised of the $15,000 fundraising goal. Which is really super cool.

Prayerfully Miss Amal can take this time (and cash) to rest as she continues to fight for her very life. Although, the way the US healthcare system is set up, she's going to need thrice that much to truly rest...

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