The first 'Sin City 2' trailer is finally here, and it's been long overdue. Not only has it been nine years since the first film hit theaters, but also the Robert Rodriguez film (officially titled 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For') was delayed for a year for reasons unknown. So really appreciate this first look at the coming sequel.

The first 'Sin City 2' trailer features stars Bruce WillisMickey Rourke, Josh Brolin, Eva Green (as the titular 'Dame to Kill For'), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the film itself was shot on almost entirely green stages with most everything outside of the actors added in post-production, which could easily account for the production delays. That or that Rodriguez was scheduled to have two movies come out fairly close to each other, and since the other film was 'Machete Kills,' perhaps they wanted some distance from a film they knew was going to bomb ('Kills' made $8MM dollars at the box office in total).

And the timing may work out as Rodriguez's 'Dame' is Eva Green, who is the star of this weekend's similar green-screen action-palooza, '.' If that film is a success, it could have people hungry for more Green (and they'll eventually get it, as she's set to star in Showtime's horror-drama 'Penny Dreadful').

'Sin City 2' hits screens August 22.

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