Valentine's Day has always been a holiday many people despise. It's our yearly reminder that we are still single and don't have anyone to spend it with. That's why I'm here to get you through these hard times.

If you're in a relationship... what are you doing here? Go out! Go hold hands and talk about babies, or whatever happy people do. This is for those who have no plans this year, who hate the holiday and think it's meaningless.

Funny Valentine's Day

SURE... Some people in relationships "hate Valentine's Day just as much as us". But we still see them receiving flowers and or going out to dinner every year. If you're gonna hate the day, commit to it!


In the end, here's the advice you need. These are my recommendations for if you're single this year in Central New York.

7 Tips For Single Central New Yorkers On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has to be one of the most hated holiday's of the year. Even people in a relationship don't care much for February 14th. If you're single and looking for a way to pass the day by... here are my tips.

Let's be real though, we single people aren't as miserable as you think. The amount of money we are saving on today alone is astronomical. We can put that money towards better things, like ordering take out for just ourselves. Or buying a VR headset and isolating ourselves even more from the world. We are TOTALLY fine with sitting home alone and seeing our happy friends having a good day on Facebook.

So if you think we don't have it made being single on Valentine's Day... then maybe you're actually right. Be we will continue complaining about it. This is the most we've ever related to other people, so give us this one break.

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