Disney World is the happiest place on earth, unless you're childless and a millennial. In that case there's a whole social media contingent that thinks you're weird.

You may have seen a post being shared wildly on Twitter and Facebook from a unnamed mom who went completely ballistic about a single, childless woman on line in front of her at Disney. For the record, there are a WHOLE LOT of bad words in her post - so we're just gonna link it here. If you're not easily offended, click thru. It gives a better picture of the level of crazy we're talking about here. See the crazy HERE.

To sum up, the lady is waiting in a long line at Disney behind a single woman. Mom's three year old asks for a pretzel, and mom says no - kid starts to cry. Somehow this is the single girl's fault.

“THANKS B***H YOU MADE MY SON CRY!!!” the mom writes. “DW is for CHILDREN!!!! People without children need to be BANNED!!!! Mothers with children should be allowed to skip ALL THE LINE!!!!”

Umm. I think we can all agree the mom here sounds a little unhinged. In her defense, Disney with young kids is part fun, part survival competition.

Then the NY Post weighed in:

If the NY Post says it, it must be true. They argue that Disney was intended to be enjoyed by kids - while others pointed out if that were the case, why add wedding packages, golf courses, and gourmet dining to the offerings?

What do you think? Is it weird if childless couples or singles go to Disney? 



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