You probably already know that Darien Lake was once owned by Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. It looks like Six Flags is buying the park back.

Six Flags is coming back to Western New York! Many people have stories of when Darien Lake was owned by Six Flags the first time around. Just the other weekend when my fiance and I were at the park, he was sharing stories of when he was younger, and how you could run into Batman in the park, and he did tricks and stunts. You would see other DC Characters and characters from the Warner Bros. throughout the park and for different events and shows.

Well, it looks like you'll probably get to relive those memories, and make new memories as Six Flags comes back to Darien Lake. The sale is expected to be finished in June of this year (2018). As for when we'll see a full switch, start seeing those characters, and the famous Six Flags logos throughout the park? Unfortunately, there's no word on that yet, but we'll continue to update you with more information as it becomes available.

AND... Important news for 2018 Season Pass Ticket Holders, those who have already booked stays and/or have bought tickets for the water and theme park - According to WKBW Buffalo, those tickets and season passes will still be honored.

This isn't the only theme park or water park Six Flags has announced they're buying. According to Business Wire, the entertainment company has also purchased (or is purchasing) "Wet n' Wild Splashtown" in Houston, "Wet n' Wild Phoneix" in Arizona, "Frontier City" in Oklahoma, and "White Water Bay," which happens to be near "Frontier City."




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