This year marks the 45th anniversary of the 1977 Paul Newman comedy classic Slap Shot. And much has been written about the Mohawk Valley's connection to the film. What you may not know is that 2002 saw an attempt at a sequel. And it's bad. REAL bad.

Just how bad? Slap Shot 2: Breaking the Ice currently sits at 0% on This is based on 5 critic reviews. The audience meter isn't much better, at 36%.

"Take your pick of disappointing sequels and I'll bet you won't find one that approaches the utter stupidity of Slap Shot 2." - Ryan Cracknell, Apollo Guide

The plot is sort of a reversal of the original. The Charlestown Chiefs are still floundering in Pennsylvania, and they're already violent in the beginning. The team is sold to a family entertainment company run by a man named Richard Claremont, who's played by verified Hollywood lunatic Gary Busey. Claremont moves the team to Nebraska and has them tone down the violence and deliberately lose in scripted games, to a Harlem Globetrotters-type team called the Omaha IceBreakers.

Admittedly, that plot sounds kind of funny. But things sort of unravel from there.

Stephen Baldwin -- who looks perpetually drunk, and/or high -- gives an uninspired performance as disgraced former NHL player Sean Linden. Just like Paul Newman's character in the original, he acts as a player-coach and the Chiefs' captain.

"Exodus: Gods And Kings" New York Premiere
Stephen Baldwin plays a player-coach character similar to Paul Newman in the original
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"Steven Baldwin gives one of the most tired, dull, and uninteresting performances I've ever seen in my lifetime." -Troy F, audience reviewer


David Hanson, Steve Carlson and Jeff Carlson reprise their roles as the iconic Hanson Brothers, but it's not enough to carry this disaster.

According to IMDB, the "F" word is used 85 times in the movie, which is 13 less than the original. So it couldn't even do that right.

It just goes to show you, some sequels should never be made. You can't capture lightning in a bottle twice.

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