Do you know where you can find the smallest town in our state? Depending on whether you're talking about population or size, one of them isn't far from the Central New York area.

Alright, so the smallest town in New York that's technically considered a "town," and not a village, hamlet, or city is pretty tiny. But it's not as small as the one you'll find making headlines on Facebook in Nebraska. If you haven't heard about this town, its population is 1. That's right, only one person lives in the town of Monowi, and the woman is the mayor, has to take care of the town's budget, runs the library and the tavern.

So in this sense, we're talking about the smallest actual town, when it comes to population size. We're talking about Red House, New York. You can find this town in Cattaraugus County, on the western side of the state near the Pennsylvania border. According to the last available US Census information (from 2010), the population was 38. 38 people live in a town that covers more than 55 square miles.

On the other side of that, the smallest town in New York when it comes to area, is only 0.7 square miles. That town is Green Island and can be found in Albany County. Green Island has a much higher population, especially compared to Red House, at an estimated 2,620 people.




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