I bought Snapple Apple from the store and totally forgot about Snapple Facts. When I opened the first bottle tonight, I found the fact "There Are 9 Different Ways To Reach First Base." Is that fact actually true? What are the ways?

My wife and I started talking and could only think of four to five. Honestly, I thought the fact had to be a lie. I wanted to wait as long as possible before just Googling the answer. But, eventually, I caved. Here's what Reddit helped me discover:

1) Single.
2) Base on Balls (Walk).
3) Fielder's Choice.
4) Hit By Pitch.
5) Fielding Error.
6) Dropped 3rd Strike (Passed Ball or Wild Pitch).
7) Catcher's Interference.
8) Fielder Interference/Obstruction.
9) Batted Ball hits another runner before a fielder touches it.

I remember what 90% of these are, but couldn't remember what exactly a "Fielder's Choice" meant. So, what is a fielder's choice was my next Google question:

A fielder's choice is a play in which an infielder attempts to make a play at a base other than first base on a ground ball. When scoring a game, a fielder's choice is indicated as FC."

That totally makes sense now. Who would have thought just drinking Snapple, would have provided about a solid 45 minutes of entertainment.

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Are Snapple Facts Real? Are They Fact Checked?

Let's be honest, sometimes these facts seem to crazy. Are they real? Apparently, yes. Also, apparently they are fact checked.

"They are real facts, and we have teams here that fact-check everything," David Falk, Snapple's former vice president of marketing, told The Atlantic in 2013. "We go through a pretty vigorous process." In addition to checking each new fact, Falk said that there's a yearly evaluation of facts that are currently in circulation, in case something has changed. If a fact has become incorrect over the past year, it goes into retirement."

Look at Snapple being more reliable then some of the reporting you see on TV nowadays.

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