In addition to starring as Brandon Beckett in the 4 "Sniper" movies, Chad Michael Collins has made appearances in several TV shows including "CSI:NY," "NCIS," "2 Broke Girls."   The 33-year-old actor was born and raised in Canajoharie.

According to Collins was a star player on Canajoharie High School's Football, Basketball and Baseball teams.  After graduating, he attending Sage College in Albany, where he earned a journalism degree.

The site says that Collins then moved to Los Angeles where he worked for an entertainment public relations firm.  Some talent reps encouraged him to take acting classes.  The upstate native did well and soon was getting cast in minor roles for television shows as well as some movies.

Chad Michael Collins big break came when he was cast to star in "Sniper, Reloaded" in 2011.  Since then, 2 more "Sniper" films have been released and one is in post-production, scheduled for release this year.


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