First it was The Simpsons attacking Central New York, and now Saturday Night Live is after an upstate institution: apple picking.

Once pumpkin spice hits the local coffee shops, it's a safe bet that fall has officially arrived. And fall means three things in CNY: leaf-peeping, hayrides, and apple picking. (Okay, it also means football, but we digress.)

Saturday Night Live put together a "commercial" for an apple orchard, where you can "pay $45 for $10 worth of apples." Ouch.

On Chickham's Farm, there's a petting zoo, a haunted hayride, and a slightly disturbed farmhand. It's a little 'on the nose.' Some of the "satisfied customers" mention the bees, suggest the apples are tasteless, and suggest that only their girlfriends have fun apple picking. They even mock cider donuts. (That might be a step too far.)

There's no question that apple picking feels like a rite of passage, and it's an important part of the season for farmers, but is it really fun? Or do we do it just so we can say we did it--and post the Instagram photo, of course.


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