At the radio station, we sure were thrilled to receive 'The Sound of Music' promotional CD featuring Carrie Underwood and music from the NBC television event. So naturally, NBCs hit show Saturday Night Live just had to have a little fun with it.

But it was more just that just making fun of their parent network's somewhat odd programming decisions, SNL turned it into an opportunity to bring back one of the show's most beloved performers and characters, Dooneese, played by Kristen Wigg.

Hollywood Life tells us:

Dooneese, Kristen’s weird, little-handed, huge-foreheaded character. Dooneese was one of Kristen’s most popular recurring characters during her time on SNL, so the audience was pleasantly surprised when she crashed The Sound of Music party.

We hope you enjoyed watching Captain von Trapp introduce his children, including Dooneese [Kristen Wiig], to their new governess Maria. We sure did.

[Hollywood Life]