Central New York already gets enough snow through the fall and winter months, how could it possibly be snowing in the summertime?!

Okay, so it's not real 'snow.' You won't get cold if you stand in it and it won't melt in your hands, but it still looks like snow. This is a whole bunch of pollen falling from the trees outside of the radio station. Naomi Lynn walked outside and couldn't believe it looked like it was snowing outside. So she decided to shoot this short video. It may be a little hard to see, but you can see all the 'fluff' falling from the sky (especially closer to the tree).

Then in the video, Naomi scans the ground and sees piles of this 'snow' that has fallen. It was also sticking to the vehicles in the parking lot, and in the grass along the side of the building.

Although it's not real snow it did look like it, and it does cause a problem for some people. If you have allergies this probably wasn't a pretty sight.



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