The snow is getting closer. Whiteface Mountain was home to the first significant snowfall of the season a few weeks ago. Now it's the Tug Hill Plateau where it's affecting travel.

Snow blanketed roads, slowing traffic in Lewis County where a winter weather advisory was issued Tuesday (11/2) into Wednesday (11/3).

Heavy Snow for AM Commute

More heavy snow, at the rate of at least 1 inch per hour, is expected in parts of Lewis and Oswego counties for the Wednesday morning commute, especially along I-81.

The snow will accumulate so rapidly that it will be extremely difficult for the road crews to keep the roads clear. This will be especially the case across higher terrain locations.

Northern Oneida County was also under a winter weather advisory overnight but temperatures stayed warm enough to turn any snow into rain.

A few flakes did fall in Otsego County. Trista Bartl woke up to a dusting of snow in the fields of Richfield Springs.

Credit - Trista Bartl
Credit - Trista Bartl

We might as well get used to it in New York. It looks like we'll be seeing a lot of snow this winter. Accuweather Senior Meteorologist Paul Pastelok predicts a chance of plowable snow early in the season. "The severity and frequency of the snow and cold air are likely to let up a bit by mid-December before returning with a vengeance in January."

Snowmobile and ski enthusiasts will be happy to hear we're in for a very white winter as will owners of Whiteface Mountain where a number of new things are coming this season. New trails, a new lift, a new lodge, and more snow-making machines. Although Mother Nature may be busy covering the mountain herself this winter.

The snow comes every winter but somehow, motorists forget how to drive safely on snow-covered and slippery roads. Here are some tips to travel safely this season.

Winter Driving Tips:

  • Always clean your windows and mirrors FULLY of any snow and ice before driving
  • Keep at least a half-full tank of gas
  • Be sure fluid levels are sufficient ( windshield washer fluid, ant-freeze)
  • Be sure spare tire is sufficient and you have the jack and wheel wrench
  • Use headlights at all times to increase your visibility to others. Remember, if your windshield wipers are in use due to weather, then your headlights must be on
  • Slow down! If the roads are slippery or wet, you need to slow down
  • Brake early. You're not going to stop on a dime when roads are slick
  • Do NOT use cruise control. This decreases your reaction time to brake
  • Look out for events farther down the road. Creating more time to react can make a difference
  • Be aware of maintenance vehicles and emergency vehicles. Give them room to work
  • If you do not absolutely have to go out on the roads, then don’t

If you do go out, is your vehicle prepared? Keep your trunk supplied in case you are stopped or stranded in an area without assistance readily available.

  • Gloves, blankets, warmers, tool kit, first-aid kit, non-perishable foods, water, working flashlight and batteries, cell phone charger, etc
  • Shovel, ice scraper, de-icer, snow brush, rock salt or cat litter, tow chain or cable, jumper cables or battery charger, etc

If you drive off the road and are stuck in a snowbank or ditch, stay in your vehicle and call 911. DO NOT exit your vehicle unless it is an absolute emergency. You put yourself at risk of being struck by another vehicle.

Roll your windows down a few inches or turn your vehicle off if you are stranded in snow for a period of time with your vehicle running. Covered mufflers can cause serious physical injury or death due to inhalation of carbon monoxide.

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