While waiting in line at the grocery store recently, I saw a tabloid featuring the worst celebrity surgeries. I couldn't believe what some celebrities  have done to themselves. Actress Diane Cannon has undergone so much surgery, the picture they featured of her didn't even look like her. She's not the only one. However, there are some actresses who've vowed to never go under the knife.  

Actresses are under a tremendous amount of pressure to look young. Despite this, some very famous British actresses vowed a few months ago to never have any type of plastic surgery. Emma Thompson, Rachel Weisz and Kate Winslet have all promised to never go under the knife and have formed a "British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League." Kate says she'll never give in to plastic surgery because it goes against her morals. Emma says we're currently in this awful youth driven thing where at 60 you're supposed to look 30.  Rachel thinks people who look too perfect don't look very beautiful or sexy. Do you think if down the road they don't get many roles they'll change their minds about plastic surgery?