We're paying over $4 a gallon for gas here in Utica but the good news is that the price is a penny cheaper than where the national average for a gallon of regular stood last week, according to the AAA.

Indeed, there are signs that the run-up at the gas pump has or will soon reach its peak. Those who think the numbers could soon start falling point to factors such as the weak European economy, the American recovery and signals from the Iranian government it may be willing to compromise on its controversial nuclear program. And did you know you could win $100 in free gas from Lite 98.7 tomorrow? Enter to win right now.

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That’s good news for weary motorists who have been bombarded with pessimistic headlines counting the days until gas would pass the previous $4.11 record set in July 2008.

But the AAA and other groups monitoring fuel prices are reporting an unexpected decline this week, a modest penny on the national front – but a full 10 cents in freeway-snarled California.  There, prices traditionally run well above the national average, but Golden State gas pumps peaked at $4.36 last month and are down to $4.26 as of Tuesday, reported the AAA.

My brother in New Jersey reports a $3.69 price at the pump while my friend in Mass. says he's paying $3.84.

Let's hope the Central New York prices continue to fall as well.

Details provided by MSNBC.