Is it just me or do you also think television commercials have really been pushing the envelope lately? Remember the 'Show Your Joe' holiday ad? Or how about the 'Ship My Pants' commercial?  And did you see the E D spoof political ad...crazy!

WARNING: Adult Content: Now we'd like you to "Meet SAM." SAM is a new feminine product from Poise. It's a discreet way of saying 'Super Absorbent Material' used for light bladder control issues. So why the references, the innuendo or, am I missing something? Am I just being uptight? Apparently there are One Million Moms that want the ad pulled?

I have a Uncle SAM who finds this ad hilarious, except for the being small part. What do you think? Considering the fact that parent company Kimberly-Clark is getting so much free publicity, I doubt they'll pull the ad anytime soon.