Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. If you're one of the few people who don't plan on watching the game, here's some reasons why you just may want to turn it on.

Not a huge football fan? That's okay, you can still enjoy the Super Bowl, and still have a lot of fun.

Make it a Drinking Game

Okay, we're not talking about getting completely toasted (unless that's what you want to do, than hey, more power to you). Make it your own to fit with the people you're with. If you're watching the game with some die-hard fans, maybe make some rules like:
-Whenever a person argues about a call, take a sip of wine (or shot, or whatever).
-If two people watching the game start arguing about a player, take a shot
...Or things like that. You should have at least 10 different scenarios, and they should range from likely (which would be just a sip), to unlikely (which should be worth more, like a shot).


Who doesn't like betting on something?! Watch the game and make some bets. Don't just make them about the outcome of the game, though. Make them interesting - What's the score going to be at halftime? Who is going to win the coin toss? Or check out the link below for other things to bet on:


Even if you're not interested in the game, go to that Super Bowl Party anyways. Game Day parties always have delicious snacks, appetizers, and munchies. Even if you're bored with the game, at least you enjoy some good food.


You could have guessed this one would have been on the list. Some of the best commercials of the year air during the Super Bowl. If you miss the game, you'll miss the funny, clever, and interesting ads. Actually, Matt Hubbell has a sneak peek at some of the best commercials that will air during Super Bowl 50...

 Halftime Show

You could have guessed this one would have been on the list, as well. This year Coldplay will be in the spotlight. Will they perform their latest hit 'Adventures of a Lifetime,' or play a bunch of old favorites? How will you know if you don't watch the act? Besides, it's a nice break from all the yelling at the TV (you know, because so-and-so dropped a pass, or there was an interception, or something).




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