Looking for a unique staycation? Spend the day in the vineyard and the night in a dungeon at Wing's Castle.

Wing's Castle has been under construction for decades. Peter and Toni Ann Wing began building the castle in Millbrook in 1970, using 80% recycled materials. Still to this day, 47 years later, the castle remains under construction. As Toni states, "it has become a live in art project."

Photo Credit - YouTube via Wing's Castle

Along with a love affair of castles came a love of anything old. Take a tour of the castle and be memorized by the museum of antique memorabilia and collectibles.

During your stay head down to the Millbrook Winery, a hop skip and a jump from the castle to enjoy tour and wine tasting.

Photo Credit - Wing's Castle

There are several overnight options. You can stay in the Bed & Breakfast, the cottage or in one of the castle rooms including the Tower, the Chamber or the Dungeon Room

Your stay includes a 45 minute guided tour of the castle and free continental breakfast

Photo Credit - Wing's Castle

Castle tours are held every Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5pm. Be sure to check out Wing Castle's version on Stone Henge while you're there.

Photo Credit - Wing's Castle

Wing's Castle has been featured on HGTV's Extreme Homes.

Wing's Castle is the private residence of the Wing family who have opened their home to the public. Unless you are a guest, there is absolutely no walking on the grounds without paid admission.

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