The Star Trek Original Series Tour is now open in the Adirondacks. It was created by an avid Trekkie, and the set is almost as authentic as the one seen on TV in the 60's.

James Crawley is the gentleman behind this brilliant re-creation of the Star Trek Enterprise, and fans are flocking to Ticonderoga, New York to check it out.

Crawley was able to complete this project thanks in part to a costume designer on the original show. He received a copy of the "original" Enterprise blueprints, and got to work.

The Enterprise features: The Bridge, Transporter Room, Captain Kirk's Quarters, The Corridors, Dr. McCoy's Sick Bay, Scotty's Engine Room, The Captain's Chair, a Briefing Room, and plenty of authentic looking props.

For tickets and more information, visit, Star Trek Tour.Com.


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