If you live in Rome, do you find yourself hauling all the way to New Hartford just to get your Starbucks? Let's be honest, it's that delicious, but the good news is you may not have to do that anymore.

According to the Rome Sentinel, the next city planning board meeting involves discussion surrounding a Starbucks location being built in the city of Rome. It would be located in the Mohawk Acres Plaza at1790 Black River Boulevard.

A public hearing of a request by Randy Soggs for a three-lot minor subdivision at 1790 Black River Blvd. as well as a Site Environmental Quality Review requested by Soggs as well as a site plan for a 1,988 square foot Starbucks Coffee Shop on one of the subdivided parcels are before the board.

The Rome Sentinel says the location will include a drive-thru, and it will be a free-standing store positioned in one of the parcels in the plaza’s existing parking lot in front of the strip mall’s clothing stores, if approved by the city

The addition is on the agenda for the city’s next Planning Board meeting at 7PM Tuesday, July 6, at Common Council Chambers at City Hall.

Did You Know Utica Is Getting A Starbucks?

Yup. So that means three locations in Oneida County if this gets approved in Rome. Mayor Robert Palmieri announced a 2,220 square foot facility will be located at 71 North Genesee Street in the Harbor Point area. He calls the addition of Starbucks another exiting catalyst for economic growth.

"As a community, we welcome Starbucks with open arms.This is an exciting time in our city and my Administration will continue to work diligently to attract local, regional and national developers to Utica," said Palmieri.

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