Photos and video of three dogs being kept under questionable conditions in West Utica have been circulating on social media. The Utica Police Department says the situation is "under investigation".

Reports on social media allege that the three dogs, one white, one brown, and one grey, are living without fresh water or food, and that the white dog is tied on such a short leash, he or she is unable to lie down.

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Several Utica residents have said they have called the SPCA, Animal Control, and the police department about the condition of the dogs.

Lt. Bryan Coromato of the Utica Police Department says the situation is "under investigation. Animal Control and the SPCA are investigating."

In a statement, the City of Utica says the case has been referred to the SPCA, and PETA has been notified. The city issued citations to the owner for the dogs being unlicensed and for failure to provide proof of vaccinations for each dog.

You can see the video with NSFW language HERE.

If you see an animal being abused, you can contact the following agencies:
315-454-3469- CNYSPCA
315 735-3301- Animal Control, Utica NY (or your local animal control officer)
315-735-3301- Utica Police Department (or your local PD)

Local animal advocate Angela Suppa Lennon says she frustrated to see the dogs allowed to remain in these conditions. "If this is what the county considers having food water and shelter and if people are not held accountable for how they treat the dogs, what's the point of having that new animal cruelty law?"


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