New York's favorite Halloween candy has been revealed, and for the 150th year in a row, it's NOT orange circus peanuts.

When it comes to candy, everyone has something they'd pick first out of a bowl, whether they're aware of it or not. And with so many different choices on the shelves around Halloween time, chances are your favorite is different from your neighbor's. So how can you call ONE candy the "favorite" of an entire state?

Analytics, baby! That's how. The website looked at sales data over 15 years to determine which brands are being scooped up the most, particularly in the months leading up to Halloween time.

So what's New York's favorite?


Sour Patch Kids were introduced in the 1970s under the name Mars Men. In 1985 they were rebranded "Sour Patch Kids" in an attempt to capitalize on the Cabbage Patch Kids toy craze, and the name stuck.

Click around the interactive map below to see if your favorite candy was chosen by another U.S. state:



And in case you're interested in the runners up for each state, check out the chart below:

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