Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler is having trouble adding "lawmaker" to his resume. Seems his bill, dubbed the Steven Tyler Act, which passed in the Hawaii State Senate, had hit a wall in the Aloha State's House of Representatives.

Where is a 'Schoolhouse Rock' song to explain this stuff when you need it?

The proposed law, which was created to protect celebrities from paparazzi cameras, missed several deadlines, and according to published reports, it "could now be in jeopardy for this legislative session.”

"There is zero support for that legislation in the House of Representatives," Rep. Angus McKelvey, a Democrat who heads up the Consumer Protection Committee and has thus far refused to hold a hearing for the bill, said.

But Tyler's attorney, Dina LaPolt, isn't surprised, saying the speed with which the bill sailed through the Hawaii Senate was surprising and she'd have been "shocked" if it had passed through the House as well. And, she added, the bill can still be dealt with at next year's session.

Sorry, Steven. Guess you'll have to hold off on those public nudity plans for now.

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