When 'Idol' and 'Glee' are on tv, don't bother calling Stevie Nicks.  She's not going to answer the phone.  Stevie is a big fan of both shows but isn't eager to be on either one. 


Stevie visited the set of  'Glee' recently during an episode that featured her song "Landslide" but says she did not ask to be written into the show.  Why not?  Stevie doesn't like being filmed.  She also self-conscious about her age and the camera.  At 62, Stevie says the lighting would have to be perfect and she'd like to look like she's 40 on camera.  Although she has no plans to be on it, 'Glee' would be her first choice if she did decide to be on tv.  She and Rod Stewart on currently on their "Heart & Soul" tour and Fleetwood Mac is planning to work on a a new album next year.

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