Have you seen this bike? Some lowlife stole it from a woman in Herkimer, New York, and her daughter wants your help in finding it.

The purple three-wheeled bike was taken out of a neighbor's backyard, Rachel Jones shared on Facebook. It belongs to her mother and she wants it back.

Friends and family living in Herkimer or in the area, if you see this bike could please let me or the Herkimer Police Department know.

Rachel is hoping the power of social media can help her find the purple bike and bring it back home. "My mother loves this bike," Rachel wrote. "Please if you have information pass it along."

Credit - Rachel Jones
Credit - Rachel Jones

Surely, a bike that unique would stand out if someone was riding it down the street.

Anyone with information can contact Rachel on Facebook or call the Herkimer Police Department at 315-866-4330. Some things do find a way back home.

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Credit - David Haas/Syracuse History
Credit - David Haas/Syracuse History

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