New Hartford, NY (WIBX) – A strange text message urging people to stay away from the Sangertown Mall in New Hartford is being circulated.

WIBX has been alerted several times regarding the text message, with one version saying, “Don’t go to the mall… I guess there was a comment in a yahoo story last night, re: the Colorado shootings, and they said it’s going to happen at Sangertown Mall.”

The text then mentions police, saying “…stay away from the mall because something is going to happen. Officers on standby.”

Originally, the threat was made on a Yahoo blog on Wednesday afternoon, when one person posted, “Next attack will be in NY at Sangertown Mall.” Thursday morning, a Twitter message reiterated the post, writing, “In case you don’t know already, DON’T GO TO SANGERTOWN MALL TODAY!”

Officers say they don’t know if the threats are connected, but that they are taking them seriously, providing extra officers at the mall. The department is also working with Yahoo and outside agencies, including the FBI, to identify the person behind the threat.

The message is being considered a terrorist threat, which is a felony.

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