Come on! Someone from Buffalo HAS to buy this house. 

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When Netflix finally released the fourth season of the iconic and critically-acclaimed “Stranger Things” back in June, Western New Yorkers rejoiced and glued themselves in front of the TV for an entire weekend. In fact, Netflix later revealed that the legendary sci-fi show helped to shatter a record when 286 million hours were streamed on their platform that weekend alone.

If I had to guess, I assume at least 100 of those hours were streamed right here in Western New York.

We’ve got a ton of huge fans of “Stranger Things” here in Buffalo - and now that an iconic piece of the show’s merch is officially up for sale, someone from Western New York should definitely look into nabbing it.

The actual house that was used to film where The Byers family lived is on the market in Fayetteville, Georgia, and is listed for $300,000. 

That price may seem too good to be true for a piece of television history, but there’s unfortunately a catch. The 1,846 square-foot home (that didn’t even exist in the ’80s, by the way - it was built in 1990) is described by the owner as a “fixer-upper” that needs a “full rehab.” The house is still getting a ton of looks from fans due to its famous history, even though the owners insisted they’re looking for “SERIOUS buyers only.”

Hey, who knows more about fixing things up than a Buffalonian? Have you seen what we’ve done with our museums and our football teams? Let’s get serious and buy this house.

We proved how obsessed we were with “Stranger Things” back during the elections of 2019


Remember when one of our local escape rooms even modeled one of their rooms after that very house? (That business is closed now but trust us,  We still remember.)... 


And come on. It even looks like the gang at “Stranger Things”  might be a big fan of ours as well…

So let’s GO, Buffalo…

Check out these pics of what our future “fixer-upper” of a home looks like now at 149 Coastline Road in Fayetteville, Georgia.

The House From "Stranger Things" Is For Sale

The infamous house where the Byers family lived on the hit show "Stranger Things" is for sale and listed at $300k. Wanna buy it?

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