If you've ever been to Phoenix, Arizona, it's not only the climate and landscape that you'll notice are complete different than what we have here in Central New York.  I lived in the Valley of the Sun for over 2 years, and my street was named after the legendary cowboy actor, Roy Rogers.  Never saw a horse named Trigger though.

There was another street in the neighborhood called Gold Dust, and one named Tombstone Trail.  Just north of that development are Deadman Wash and Horse Thief Trail.  Those streets run between Rodeo Road and Stagecoach Boulevard.  I often drove on a road called John Wayne Highway.  Travelling that road makes one feel like a real man's man.

How about living on Giddyup Trail or Covered Wagon Drive?  You wouldn't dare leave the house without your cowboy boots.  Many of the nice restaurants and clubs in neighboring Scottsdale were on Saddlebag Trail.  Of course Phoenix has boring addresses such as First Ave, Bell Road and Central Ave too.  But, you can't go too far without realizing you are in the wild west, especially when a co-worker tells you they've moved into their new home at the corner of Gunsmoke Trail and Tumbleweed Circle.