Not only did this New York college top all others in the state, it's also ranked in the top ten public colleges across the country for getting a job.

Zippia, the self-dubbed "career expert" website, released a study naming the top public colleges for getting a job in 2020. Amanda Postma, the article's writer, noted that the folks at Zippia created the list by first using data from the Department of Education College Scorecard to determine schools in each state with the highest listed job placement numbers ten years after graduation. They then sorted every U.S. college based on employment levels and focused their study on those with Bachelor's degrees. Because of this, they had to cut many two-year colleges from the list, and if a college did not have available job placement data, Zippia did not include it.

So after all of this digging and sorting, which New York public college came out on top?

SUNY Cortland!

The Southern Tier-based college didn't just rank high in its home state, either. Zippia highlighted its top ten overall colleges, and SUNY Cortland represented the Empire State at No. 5.

"The future is bright (and sunny) over at SUNY Cortland," Zippia wrote. "The school boasts a job placement rate of 94.44%, almost ensuring you'll find your way to a job after graduation."

In the current climate given the coronavirus pandemic, landing a job after graduation is more important than ever. So certainly SUNY Cortland - and the other 49 colleges on Zippia's list - are worth the research for the high school student in your life!

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