Now that summer is in full swing, not a pair of Uggs or a Northface to be seen, in fact there's not a whole lot of clothing at all to be seen around the area on these 90 degree days, but the question is what to wear on our feet while we go about our summer activities...

I guess it all comes down to comfort and fashion and what each of those means to you. Doctors prefer Crocs over flip flops as they provide arch support if you're up on your feet all day and they cover your entire foot should your toes kiss that coffee table like mine do so often. Also, Crocs can be secured to your foot with a strap behind the ankle while flip flops have just that little thing between your toes that takes some getting used to and which ends up causing that characteristic sound for which flip flops got their name. Flip flops can also be a safety hazard if you happen to break into a dead run chasing down your wily three-year-old and end up sacrificing your own balance in the process! End of argument, right?

Well, how bout being able to take your shoes on and off while not having to put down what you're carrying (that three year old perhaps?) or the fact that there's very little touching your skin at all so it feels like you're wearing nothing at all, not to mention that they can be worn with just about anything (or nothing if you use them in public showers, or nude beaches!) Crocs tend to get a bit more attention visually because they are bright and bulkier, but aren't all that attractive anyway... So, take that Crocs?

Maybe a compromise is in order like flip flops with arch support, or sandals that actually have that securing strap around the back? That solves one problem but your foot is still unprotected from heavy objects falling on them and ruining that pedicure you just got, or ripping off a toenail like happened to a friend of mine! Even so, despite the evidence against them flip flops appear to be the choice of a vast majority of people, but is it time to consider something new and change our ways? Or will we be creatures of habit and stick with the tried and true albeit bad-for-you choice?  Well, this guy's sticking with the flops, even if I end up with no toenails in the end! How about you?

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