Have a weekend off and want to really enjoy summer? Then you should head to this area named one of the best small towns for adventure.

And that's not just our opinion. That's the opinion of "10Best editors," a panel of experts, and USA Today. USA Today recently published an article naming the "10 Best Small Towns for Adventure" and Watkins Glen made the cut. Actually, according to USA Today, Watkins Glen took the number three spot. It was only beat out by Florence, Oregon (which came in at number two), and Marquette, Michigan, which was named number one overall.

The article from USA Today mentioned the beautiful waterfalls you can visit in the area, and the many trails for hiking or horseback riding or even biking. USA Today also mentioned Watkins Glen is home to...

...one of the nation’s best state parks to explore. Within Watkins Glen State Park, hikers pass 19 waterfalls in less than 2 miles...

But most of us in the Central New York area know this. Even if we haven't visited the scenery side of Watkins Glen, we know it's there. And we've heard the stories of the breathtaking views, the gorgeous waterfalls, and the perfect trails.

And this isn't the first time Watkins Glen has made national (or worldwide) news. Back in 2016, Expedia named their "55 Most Breathtaking Destinations in the World" and Watkins Glen made the list. Actually, this area was near the top of the list, coming in at number six! Niagara Falls also made that list.

So if you're looking for a little getaway, a summer adventure that's not too far away, you definitely should make it to Watkins Glen. Whether it's your first visit or your hundredth trip, you'll enjoy all the area has to offer.




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