SUNY campuses in New York could see a large cut in state funding as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Universities across the state of New York have experienced high numbers of COVID cases since schools reopened a short time ago. Though many schools started the semester off with a hybrid schedule, students attending off campus parties and not properly socially distancing may have put an end to that early. SUNY Oneonta was one of the first schools in New York to climb towards their threshold mandated by the state.

Changes in the current school system could potentially halt certain state funds allocated to campuses. If school's aren't functioning at full capacity do they need full funding?

According to the New York Post, SUNY schools across the state could face an $800 million to $1 billion loss this year. This is most likely due to a myriad of factors including a reduction of students, dorm occupancy and athletic programs.

The post also reported that SUNY officials were informed that they should be prepared to see a 25% decrease in funding from thee state.

This could bring some tough times to an already difficult situation at SUNY campuses all over the state.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to create problems that no one thought we'd ever encounter. Hopefully, we'll see real solutions  and the state won't need to cut as much aid to the schools as expected.

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