Dr. Derek Shepherd, Dr. Mark Sloan and Dr. Nicholas Quintyne. Two of the three are fictional physicians on ABC's popular drama "Grey's Anatomy." One's a SUNY professor.

Yet, all three are on the show. Quintyne, a real professor of biology at SUNY Fredonia, was consulted and some of his work was utilized in a recent episode. One of Quintyne's former pupils works for the show's writing staff as a surgical consultant and, when some details were needed for a recent script, Quintyne got the call.

Authenticity is important in a medical drama like “Grey’s Anatomy.” So, Quintyne’s former student, Dr. Michael Metzner asked Quintyne to create a whiteboard with different formulas for attacking cancer cells to be used in a scene in an upcoming episode.

Quintyne agreed and created the complicated charts to be replicated on whiteboards for television. When Metzner introduced the design at a script meeting, it received a standing ovation from the show's staff.

The show’s episode, “Everyday Angel,” aired on Oct. 25. Quintyne’s pathways are visible in the background for about 12 seconds. The whiteboard and the episode are available for viewing on Netflix, Hulu and ABC Go.


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