A Safeway employee in Northern California was rewarded for heroically coming to the rescue of a pregnant women being assaulted by her boyfriend inside the grocery store in a shocking way.

He was suspended by his bosses.

Ryan Young, who works as a meat clerk at the Del Rey Oaks Safeway, witnessed Quyen Van Tran pushing and kicking his girlfriend, who is six months pregnant. Young intervened, saying, “I told him to calm down and he was just irate.” Tran refused to stop, so Young decided to act the part of Good Samaritan by jumping in, as opposed to remaining a bystander.

In this case, the supermarket wasn’t so safe for the shopper or the employee.

Young said, “I saw no one was intervening in the situation and I just became afraid for her safety and also other customers’ safety. The guy was out of control and pretty much lost it in there.”

The local police chief said that Young’s intervention prevented the situation from escalating and that it could have been much worse for the victim. He also praised Young for doing the right thing.

Not so fast, though, according to his employer, who suspended him without pay since he violated company policy, which is to alert management or security when witnessing customer behavior such as this.

Young is not sure if and when he will be allowed to return to work. Ironically, his wife is five months pregnant and they have no income at this point.

Where’s the justice in that?

“It’s a tremendous amount of stress on me, my wife as well,” Young said. “And I don’t think anyone
should have to second-guess themselves or feel bad doing something that was right.”

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