Some healthcare workers won't be getting what they want when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine mandate in New York. As more emergency requests for blocking the mandate make their way to the Supreme Court, officials keep turning them away.

The New York Times explains that although the request was denied, three officials have expressed their views.

Justice Neil M. Gorsuch filed a 14-page dissent saying that the majority had betrayed the court’s commitment to religious liberty. Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. joined Justice Gorsuch’s dissent. Justice Clarence Thomas also said he would have blocked the vaccine requirement, but he gave no reasons.

The most recent challenge of the mandate came from three nurses and a group called We the Patriots USA, Inc. They challenged the mandate, arguing that it "allowed exemptions for those with medical objections but not for people with religious objections."

It is estimated that about 4% of the New York health care workforce have left their jobs as a result of the vaccine mandate in the state. The mandate went into effect in September.

Since then, Governor Houchul has declared a state of emergency in medical facilities, citing a serious shortage of medical workers. She called in the National Guard to assist in nursing homes that are short staffed as the virus continues to impact more and more individuals.

The New York Times says it is "unclear" how many workers may have left for religious reasons, but data shows about four thousand additional workers have left their jobs or were placed on leave for being unvaccinated.

New York, along with Maine and Rhode Island, do not accommodate healthcare workers who object to the vaccine mandates.

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