Let me start by saying Suzanne Somers was not in the series. Nor was she in any of the series franchise films (in person).

For context, the late, great Thigh Master guru Suzanne Somers, who passed recently was known (mostly) for her iconic role as "Chrissy" in the iconic TV series Three's Company.

Much has been said about Somers contributions to the world of entertainment, fitness and graceful aging, but her influence was also felt on arguably one of the greatest shows to be filmed and centered in New York (City).

Yes. Sex in the City. And yes, it was the second film in the franchise.  In the film, Kim Cattrall's character, Samantha Jones has an entire scene where she's gushing over the insights she's found about moving through menopause agelessly from what she's learned in Suzanne Somer's New York Times Bestselling book: Breakthrough. 

Remember this scene?

The book turns up again later in the film as Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda and Carrie attempt to leave Abu Dabi in a hurry for reasons that are best left to the film's telling. Although seeing the way the film handled Somers' book was cringe, it's still cool that it was in the film's storyline at all.


The point is, Suzanne Somers was a pioneer in the self-help, ageless-aging space. According to Goodreads, "(Somers) had released two autobiographies, two self-help books, four diet books, and a book about hormone replacement therapy. They left out 17 because Somers is on record for authoring Twenty-five works in total--all published by major publishing houses-- according to good ole Wikipedia.


May she rest in thigh master peace.



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