Talk about a story that makes you emotional. This one made me cry and reminisce on my relationship that I had with my grandfather before he passed away. This Syracuse woman clearly also cherished the relationship that she had with him, wanting to help grant his final wish.

Tara Carr has been under the care of her grandparents for her entire life. Her grandfather has always been the most important man in her life, and is the reason she has such a passion for horses to this day.

She bought her first horse in July of 2018 after her uncle passed away from cancer.

It was then I realized how short life truly was, and how little time we have to do what we love while we still can. After working 2 jobs throughout college, in the midst of family court and commuting to college, I made my dream come true.

Carr says her grandfather got to meet the horse for the first time this September, explaining it was "one of the most beautiful things (she) ever experienced."

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Sadly, he was rushed to the hospital in early December with severe abdominal pain where doctors discovered multiple masses. After meeting with a cancer specialist a week later, he was readmitted to the hospital for pain management and a biopsy.

He did everything for me growing up, and it was time for me to give him this final gift..

So, before she brought Cisco the horse to his new home at a stable in Cazenovia, she worked with the staff at St. Joseph's Hospital in Syracuse to give her grandfather what he wanted. Carr said that Cisco was previously used as an equine therapy horse, but she didn’t know how "special: his ability was until she witnessed him with her grandfather again.

Taylor Carr via Facebook
Tara Carr via Facebook

She, as well as many others on Facebook, expressed how beautiful of a moment it was, and Carr expressed how delighted she was to be able to give the opportunity to her grandfather for the final time.

I'm not're crying. As someone who lost her grandfather last year, and this being the first holiday season without him, this story warmed my heart during a time that I miss my Poppy dearly. You truly never realize what you have until it's gone.

Our prayers go our to Tara, her grandfather, and the entire family.

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