UPDATE: The parade has been cancelled.

The organizer sent us this message: With a heavy heart I must deliver some bad news that will no longer be a Utica area car parade to thank our local medical staff. I am sorry to everyone who was as excited as I am.

Thank You, to everyone in the medical field, First Responders, cleaners, hotel workers, store clerks, truck drivers, garbage men, gas station employees, farmers, factory workers and all other essential hard workers. Your work is recognized and greatly appreciated. ❤️

To everyone stuck in a hospital or nursing home without visitors- You have not been forgotten. You are dearly missed and cared about. I hope you don’t have to experience this distance from your family much longer. ❤️

I wish good health onto everyone, and quick recoveries to anyone affected by COVID-19 or any other health issues. Never lose hope. ❤️

I am sorry to disappoint everyone, I feel it too. It wouldn’t suck so much if there weren’t people going out driving and being in contact with other people every day anyway. I do not take any responsibility for anyone who decides to go out for a drive on April 10th.. We are a strong community who will see though this! That light at the end of the tunnel may be dim but it’s there ❤️


A parade of vehicles is being planned to say 'thank you' to medical professionals, and you can be a part of it.

On Friday, April 10th at noon, the parade will start to snake it's way past hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers in a show of support to our front line medical personnel.

Organizer Kaylee Mulligan says "Our parade will drive past several local hospitals and nursing homes, beeping and waving."  She says "I know this isn’t proving much physical help but it is showing support for our amazing medical staff working long hours to help others even though they are at risk. The elderly at the nursing homes aren’t allowed visitors at the moment so I’m sure they will appreciate that we are showing we care, as well."

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Vehicles will meet at Sangertown Square, on the side closest to Seneca Turnpike just before 12. At noon we will head to our first stop, Presbyterian Home and from there the parade travels through New Hartford, Clinton, and Utica.  The trip will take about 50 minutes. Everyone is encouraged to stay in their vehicles.

If you'd like to participate, decorate your vehicle and just show up! The map of the parade is here:

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