Syracuse has been getting a lot of snow this winter, there's no doubt about that. They've already beaten the 100-inch mark and we still have more than a month of winter left.

And we all know more snow will fall. I mean, look at Winter Storm Stella from last year. Granted, it was still technically winter, but that was quite a big snowstorm to hit a few days before the first day of spring. broke the news earlier today (Thursday, February 8th) on their Facebook Page, that they had broken the 100-inch mark. Actually, they're sitting at 101.4 inches as of 9pm on Thursday. That stat is according to the Golden Snowball website, a site in which five cities in New York compete for the title of "Most Snowfall" for the season. As of right now, Syracuse is beating out the other four cities. Here's how those other cities are looking (again, as of 9pm Thursday):

Rochester - 78 inches
Buffalo - 75.7 inches
Binghamton - 40.2 inches
Albany - 33 inches

As you can see from those statistics from, Syracuse is in the lead by quite a lot this season, but that can all change with one storm. It's actually pretty fun to keep an eye on the measurements, as they're updated frequently.

There were some complaints on the Facebook Post; many people were wondering why other cities throughout Central New York weren't included on the list. Or why wasn't Watertown included (who are dealing with a Lake Effect Snow Warning as I type this, and could see another 12 to 20 inches of snowfall by tomorrow afternoon). Unfortunately, the Golden Snowball Award is only a competition between those five cities previously listed. That's just how it is.

So what will the rest of winter hold?

Will Syracuse stay in the lead for the Golden Snowball? Well, that's difficult to say. A lot can happen in the next few months, until the final snowflakes fall. As for the National Weather Service, they're predicting above average precipitation for Upstate New York for the next three months... BUT that means all the cities on the list could see a decent amount of snowfall AND some of the precipitation may come as rain as we get into March and April.




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