A Syracuse woman is devastated after losing her necklace filled with her father's ashes and she's turned to social media in hopes someone will find it.

Cortney Barns is asking for help finding her necklace she lost on Tuesday, February 2nd. "The peach jewel on my necklace contains my father ashes," Barns explained. "It's all I have left and means the world to me."

The necklace was the first thing Barns' husband bought he when they started dating years ago. "It's beyond sentimental and I'm literally so lost without it."

Barns says she worked at 4 different buildings the night she lost it and it could be at any of the places she went." I've searched everything I could possibly think of and I've reached out to every building in case it's turned in."

1304 Buckley Road in Liverpool
3300 Vickery Road in Liverpool
M &T Bank on Cypress Street in Liverpool
M&T Bank on Oswego Road in Liverpool

"If anyone happens to find it, please reach out to me," pleaded Barns who can be reached on Facebook.

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