When Apple unveiled the iPod it was a huge hit. Challengers to it never came close. When Apple brought out the iPhone, it was a huge success and made current phones on the market look like toys. Then the iPad came to be and many companies are playing catchup again. Can Google's Honeycomb OS give them a shot at beating the iPad?

Apple's biggest advantage has been how easy it is to use their devices. All you need is a Mac or PC with iTunes and voila', you are in heaven. But there are those that don't like Apple products and want an alternative. Up till recently, nothing out there has given Apple a run. But now Google has stepped into the fray with the Android OS. Recent news reports cite that Android powered smart phones are over taking Apple's iPhone with iOS4. But with the introduction of the iPad, things have gotten more dicey for Google.


Companies, wanting to get their piece of the "tablet pie", have rushed out a ton of new tablets, all running the Android OS. But most of these devices have been dogged with issues like touch screen responsiveness, the inability to easily load applications on the tablets, and just general difficulty to use the device. The only one that really stands out till now has been Samsung's Galaxy Tab. But Google has announced it's new Honeycomb OS, which is based on Android and is made specifically for tablets, like Motorola's Xoom tablet, which was just recently unveiled. Will it put a dent in the sizable sales of the iPad that has pretty much a year head start on Google? Only time is going to tell.

According to a PC Magazine article, you're better off waiting for the new tablet with Honeycomb on it since the rest leave much to be desired. So if you're in the market for a tablet, and Apple is not on the menu, take a look at the new generation of Android based tablets.

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